Saccharose is the software project produced by SACCADE. Its purpose is to sweeten the use of the SAC technology in an embedded environment, hence its name. Saccharose contains:

SAC2C (SAC-to-C, Prime): a custom edition of the SAC-to-C research compiler and its run-time libraries, tailored for use with cross-compilers and multiple target platforms.

SACLIB (SAC Library, Prime): an extension package to the SAC standard library, which can support multiple target platforms.

Saccharize: automated build, installation and test scripts to integrate the SAC-Prime technology in an embedded development environment.

Sack: example test and demonstration programs suitable for use in embedded systems, with tutorials and documentation.

Release and distribution:

Since the SAC-to-C compiler is only available in source form to academic researchers, SACCADE will work closely with the SAC project to ensure the availability of updated binary releases of the SAC2C technology for a variety of development platforms.

Development versions of the SACLIB, Saccharize and Sack components will be made available openly. SACLIB in turn depends on the SAC standard library which is available directly from the SAC project.